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Two Small Updates

Today, there are two small updates on -Current. They are soprano and virtuoso-ose. I think it will be used for next KDE release (4.5) as part of preparation part of the dependencies libraries. While i'm hoping that KDE SC 4.5 will be included in -Current, some part of me thinks that it would be better to wait for the next maintenance updates as usually some problems are still lurking in the first major release.

-Current started to move away

Few days ago, Eric decided to create a warning README about KDE SC 4.5 that it would no longer suitable for 13.1 as -Current is moving too far away from 13.1. I don't get the idea at that moment as i didn't see any big changes in -Current except for security updates.

But today, i finally get his idea. It's because -Current has started again and the first batch of updates are coming in.

Right now, most of the packages being upgraded are located in a/ and ap/. I think Pat wanted to have a stable base packages and then decide what version of GCC and glibc should be used for the next Slackware release.

For now, have fun with -Current

KDE SC 4.5 RC 3

I forgot to tell you that i have mirrored Eric's work on KDE SC 4.5 RC 3 on UKDW's Repo Server. Basically this will be the last RC release before they will release the final version on August which only left them few days again.

As mentioned on the README, this package is no longer suiteable to be installed at Slackware 13.1. You should use Slackware-Current dated July 18th 2010 or newer in order to have full smooth transition to KDE SC 4.5 or just wait until Slackware 14.0 released as final (which i guess will be at the end of the year).

For those who wanted to have this packages, use these commands to get them (choose your architecture and run only one of them unless you want to create a full mirror)

mkdir 4.4.95
cd 4.4.95
rsync -vaz --progress rsync:// .
rsync -vaz --progress rsync:// .
rsync -vaz --progress rsync:// .

Security Update: Firefox

Firefox has been upgraded to the latest stable version, Firefox 3.6.8. This release come up only few days after 3.6.7 has been released and it only contain one fix that fixed stability issue affecting some pages containing plugins (based on the Release Notes).

Security Updates: Firefox, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird

Three security updates are released today on -Current and also in -Stable as they share the same code. They are Firefox, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird. Along with this security updates, clisp is also upgraded to latest version.

Security Update: BIND

One security update has been released today by Patrick to revert changes in previous release that could cause the server to enter an endless query loop resulting in a denial of service. This package only affects -Current only as only -Current upgraded to this version.

KDE SC 4.4.5 on -Current

KDE SC 4.4.5 has been packaged by Eric last week and today, an official packages has been arriving on -Current branch with more complete packages. Some packages (mostly libraries) are being pulled from the latest SCM tools.

We also have a new KTorrent packages. This is something which Eric didn't have on his repository back then. He only compiled the main KDE packages, but not the extragears. K3B has been upgraded to the official 2.0 release and Amarok has been upgraded to 2.3.1, the latest one (which i compiled myself back then when -Current hasn't started yet). It's now official on the Slackware tree, so i won't need to compile again next time

I'm not sure what will happen with Eric's repository. I think he will simply delete the packages, since it's now arriving on -Current as well. He will just continue to follow the 4.5 release from now on.

More Indonesian Repository

I have found another Indonesian repository for Slackware and SlackBuilds. They are from IDRepo:

Thank you for mirroring Slackware

Happy 17th Birthday Slackware Linux

Yesterday (Indonesian Time) was the day when Slackware officially released 17 years ago, so it marks the 17 years of development of the oldest and still maintained Linux distribution, Slackware Linux. You can see the history on Wikipedia entry.

I have been using Slackware since 2005, so it's been five years now and i still thinks it's the best Linux distribution i have ever tried. In the past, i have been using many kinds of Linux distributions, but after a while, i find it not suitable for me as there were many problems spotted such as bloated package management, unstable releases, upgrade problems, and many more.

Even though Slackware do have some weakness in some points based on normal user point of view compared to other big Linux distribution, i still can handle it and i think it can be viewed as a strong point of Slackware.

Take an example of lack of dependency in Slackware's package management tool, pkgtool. While Ubuntu has solved dependency problem using Synaptic or …

FileZilla on SlackBuilds

Yesterday, the previous maintainer of FileZilla on SlackBuilds has sent an email to slackbuilds-user mailing list that he wanted to gave away his maintainer position to anyone who is willing to maintain his packages since he no longer willing to maintain the packages. One of his package is FileZilla, which i also used as FTP client. I am also responsible for Indonesian translations for this application, so why not maintaining too on SlackBuilds?

So i took the maintainership from him and i have submitted the newest version of SlackBuilds to SlackBuilds project and it has been accepted (please click here if you want to download the SlackBuild script). I updated the SlackBuild script and added one missing document and added several new configure parameters to disable the auto update and also manual update and also to build the local languages besides English. The rest is the same with the previous SlackBuild script.

Please leave your comments if you have any suggestions or complaints about…

Running on

I'm now running my desktop on top of Linux Kernel I have just completed an upgrade from 2.6.31 (yeah, i know, it's an outdated kernel and Slackware 13.1 has already included There's a reason for that. I'm using NVidia chipset on my VGA card, so before i upgrade my kernel, i have to make sure the NVidia driver supports the kernel i am about to install. If not, i would end up using the open source nv driver or worse, vesa which disables the KWin effects. Actually i don't really care about the desktop effects, but when i'm watching HD videos, having 3D accelerated features will give some improvements on the performance.

Another reason is VMWare. I'm using VMWare to do some of my job and VMWare is closely related to the kernel itself, so again, i have to make sure the VMWare can be compiled with the kernel i'm using. Since i have upgraded to the latest VMWare version available, i'm quite sure that this version will be working with 2.…

KDE SC 4.5.0 RC2 From Eric

Eric has uploaded KDE SC 4.5.0 RC 2 on his KTown repository. This is still considered unstable release, so it's intended only for testing and for developers who wanted to test their application on the newest version of KDE. The final version should be released on August.

As usuall, i'm mirroring the packages in UKDW's Repository Server for those who wanted to try this version.

PS: Don't use this version on Slackware less than 13.1. It would be better if you use Slackware-Current to test this packages.

Update (10 July 2010): It has been fully mirrored in UKDW's Repository Server. You can use this commands to mirror using rsync :
mkdir 4.4.92
cd 4.4.92

for 32 bit
rsync -vaz --delete --progress rsync:// .

for 64 bit
rsync -vaz --delete --progress rsync:// .

GIMP 2.6.10

Finally, the revised GIMP update has been released by GIMP Team. It's now 2.6.10 and the problem while selecting fonts using mouse scroll has been fixed. I have build the GIMP using Slackware's Slackbuild script that Pat used and change a little bit to remove the patch as it's no longer needed or the build will fail.

Detailed changes are posted on their NEWS file

Sweet KDE SC 4.4.5

My rsync script has completed it's task, meaning i already got the KDE SC 4.4.5 from my local repository

Just now, i have finished upgrading to KDE SC 4.4.5 and now i'm using KDE SC 4.4.5. I will upgrade the KDE packages on my laptop too tomorrow. It should be fun and hoping that KDE 4.5 will be released as soon as possible as it would bring many changes to KDE and it surely gives more experience for most users

KDE SC 4.4.5 by Erik

Eric has stepped up to release KDE SC 4.4.5, the (probably) last maintenance version for KDE 4.4.x version for Slackware 13.1 on his KTown repository. This is due to Pat is having other things to settle for now. Erik is hoping that Pat will also release the packages for -Current in the next following weeks on his blog post.

There are some changes in the requirements packages, so please pay attention if you wanted to upgrade to this version.

In the mean time, i'm mirroring this repository to UKDW's repo server. It should be done in the next hour or so

Update (8 July 2010): It's now fully mirrored by UKDW's Repo Server. Also, Erik has uploaded a new update for Qt packages since he incorrectly fetch the wrong KDE repository after getting a report from one of the user who used his package on his blog. x86_64 packages has been uploaded and it has been mirrored as well while Erik is currently building for x86 architecture. I'll keep you updated when x86 packages has been u…

SlackBasics in French

This is a little bit an outdated news since it's last week, but i will still help to distribute it since i'm part of the project now. The SlackBasics (Slackware Basics) project has been translated into French and it has been completed. For those who lives in France and wanted to learn about Slackware, it will be a valuable resources for them.

Thanks to Thierry and his team who managed to finish the translations. To get the PDF file for this, please click here or if you want full list of the translations, please visit the download page.

Even though SlackBasics is based on Slackware 12.0, most of it's content are still applicable to Slackware 13.1. One content that might have been changed is Apache (12.2 still uses Apache 1.x).

There are still two more languages which are still in progress