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Security Updates: glibc and firefox

Two security updates has been released under Current and Stable which are glibc and Firefox. Glibc updates fixes more vulnerabilities described earlier by the same person who found the bug.

Firefox update fixed a zero-day exploit discovered yesterday.

GSB Current Repository

Just now, i have finished mirroring GSB-Current for those whose running Slackware-13.1. This is intended for the next GSB release which should be compatible with Slackware-13.1

Without further ADO, you can grab the packages here

rsync services are also available

Security Update: Seamonkey

Seamonkey finally has been updated to sync with the other Mozilla products which has been upgraded several days ago. Along with this update, Mutt has been upgraded and boost has been rebuilt with some patches in order to work with GCC 4.5.1, the current version of GCC compiler used in the next Slackware release

Multilib Repository

I have just finished mirroring Eric's Multilib Repository from his new repository server and host it on my campus' repository server. Multilib is very useful if you need to use 32 bit application on your x86_64 systems so that you can install and have the application working normally just like you install it on 32 bit systems.

Since many Slackware users are now running x86_64, it's important to have multilib repository ready, so that's why i decided to pull the repository and have it ready on Indonesian local networks.

So, without further ado, here are the access detail:

VMWare Workstation 7.1 and Linux Kernel 2.6.36

I have just completed building Linux Kernel 2.6.36 on my laptop and so far, i have no problem at all, except that the latest VMWare Workstation is no longer working due to the recent changes in the Linux Kernel, so we must apply a patch in order to make it work, just like what i had to in Linux Kernel 2.6.35 (see my previous post: VMWare Workstation 7.1 and Linux Kernel 2.6.35)

So, i browsed the Internet and found this forum and i tried to apply the patch and yes, it's working

Here's the steps:
Download the patch and the patcher file from the forum above and put both file in the same directory
Give execute permission to patcher file (that ends with .sh)Switch to root accountExecute the patcher file and in the short time, it will try to patch the vmware source
Re-run the VMWare and voila..... it's working normally Notes:
The patch will work if you built a modular kernel (Generic). If you happened to use a huge kernel used in default installation of Slackware, you will have to sw…

Security Updates: glibc, firefox, thunderbird

Three security updates has been released today. One of them is the lately popular glibc vulnerability discovered by Tavis Ormandy which can resulted to a privilege escalation to a root account. Two others are Firefox and Thunderbird updates which brings so many bug fixes.

Besides the glibc rebuilt and patch, sysklogd also been upgraded in this release.

LTO Support for GCC

GCC in -Current has been enhanced by LTO (Link Time Optimization) after the packages has been rebuilt and new package has been added in order to support LTO which is libelf.

Hopefully, future Slackware-Current packages will take benefit of this new feature in the compiler so that it will be more optimized than previous one.

I think Pat is ensuring to deliver the best toolchain in order for the next major Slackware release. That's why it took some time for him to release the packages to public because he is doing a thorough testing with the team first.

Toolchain Updated in -Current

The basic toolchain which will be used to compile new packages in -Current and the next Slackware release has been upgraded by Patrick on today's update. It includes glibc, gcc, and kernel. It will likely to use 2.6.35.y kernels unless 2.6.36 is proven to be stable enough to be used for production level. Since it's still early stage on -Current, i think 2.6.36 can still make it to be tested and used on -Current when it get's released.

Slackware-Current is currently using GLIBC 2.12.1, Linux Kernel, and GCC 4.5.1 as the default toolchain.

KDE 4.5.2 by Eric

Once again, Eric is one step ahead of -Current development which has been idle for about a month. I'm sure Pat is working on something else besides KDE monthly updates (he's aware of that i'm sure but it may not his top priority list right now). So for now, let's enjoy Eric's work on KDE 4.5.2 updates for October.

All of the mirrors has been updated with the latest version of KDE 4.5.2 from Eric's main KTown repository, so enjoy it just like the rest of the Slackware users around the world. Like always, it's best to be combined with Slackware-Current and you will have no problem upgrading to this version as it requires no additional dependencies if you have used the latest Slackware-Current.

LibreOffice on Slackware

Niels Horn has published a set of pre-built package for LibreOffice, the fork from The Document Foundation on his website. It's based on the SlackBuild script for, but with a little modifications.

He has set a warning: it cannot co-exist with OOo (for now) and he will try out some tricks in order to make it working with OOo.