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glibc issue fixed

If you are following -current ChangeLog, you will notice that glibc issue is now fixed after several packages gets patched and rebuilt with needed patches. They are gcc, httpd, and libxslt. Some third party packages from SBo might need to be rebuilt as well to remove the xlocale.h reference.

Besides glibc fixes, there are also other changes such as:
kernel 4.9.41mesa 17.1.6gparted 0.29.0libdrm 2.48.2glew 2.1.0curl 7.55.0poppler 0.57.0harfbuzz 1.4.8gtk+3 3.22.18pango 1.40.9gdk-pixbuf2 2.36.8mg123 1.25.6cups-filter 1.16.1mariadb 10.0.32cmake 3.9.1git 2.14.1mercurial 4.3.1subversion 1.9.7libsoup 2.58.2samba 4.6.7tcl/tk 8.6.7 More requests can be seen in LQ thread

New glibc

I was surprised when i saw the latest ChangeLog for -current tree. It added the new shinny glibc 2.26 into the core packages, replacing the old glibc 2.25 which was just added in May. The new glibc 2.26 was released on August 2, and it was added 3 days later on August 5. I don't think  there are many other distributions who have used glibc 2.26 in their repo (even BLFS is still using 2.25git). Patrick also added new sqlite, nmap, bind, imagemagick, and dhcp along with the new glibc.

Unfortunately, there has been a report of a breakage of this new glibc and it was the case when you install a new Slackware from current ISO. If you perform an upgrade from previous glibc, you will NOT be affected by this issue. The ChangeLog does mention some deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
* The synchronization that pthread_spin_unlock performs has been changed to now be equivalent to a C11 atomic store with release memory order to the spin lock's me…